The aim of this prize is to support education for Europe, mobility, exchanges and joint projects, which are the best ways for young people to develop a true sense of belonging to a common Europe”.

Michèle Guyot-Roze,
Président of Hippocrène Foundation

The partnership can cover one or more disciplines, and no topics are excluded: the potential acquisition of language and intercultural skills may be considered. The partnership must have been launched and confirmed at the time of submission. The project has to include a proposal for mobility and meetings with the partner, but this mobility does not have to have been completed on submission of the application. Special attention will be granted to partnerships resulting in the implementation of joint projects.

This nation-wide competition has a prize amount of €30,000 financed by the Hippocrene Foundation. A €5000 prize will honour the winner in each of the four categories: primary schools, middle schools, general secondary schools and technical and vocational secondary schools. They can be public schools or state-subsidised private schools. The Hippocrene Foundation will also award a €10,000 “Grand Prize” to one of the submitted projects. It will cover travel expenses incurred by the winners to attend the award ceremony.

The Hippocrene Prize is organised in partnership with the French Ministry of National Education, the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and the Erasmus +France/Education & Training agency. It benefits from the participation of the European Association of Teachers-France (AEDE) and Maison de l’Europe de Paris.For the fifth year consecutively, the Hippocrene Foundation’s prize is open to all of France’s 30 school districts, on a voluntary basis.

The national award ceremony will be held in May 2016 in Strasbourg, within European institutions, in the presence of renowned European and educational figures. The Hippocrene Foundation will cover the winners’ travel expenses.