The Hippocrene Prize for Education for Europe is a school competition that rewards the best European partnership projects carried out by a class and its teachers.

The prize was launched on the initiative of the Hippocrene Foundation in 2010, when the Foundation decided to make it a priority to educate youth about Europe. It believes that education for Europe, mobility, exchanges and common projects are the best ways to raise awareness of European citizenship so that young people may gain a sense of belonging to a common body.

The aim of this prize is to support education for Europe, mobility, exchanges and common projects, which are the best ways to rally youth around Europe and enhance their sense of belonging to this common body.Practically speaking, a teacher can submit an application describing an original initiative developed by a class in the field of European citizenship, i.e. focused on discovering another culture, and on meetings and exchanges with young Europeans.In 2010, the first edition was organised in partnership with the Paris school district, with the support of Maison de l’Europe de Paris and the European Association of Teachers (AEDE). In 2011, the prize was organised in partnership with the French Ministry of Education.

Award Ceremony

Les candidatures au Prix Hippocrène sont actuellement fermées.




Chaque année, la soirée annuelle du cercle des amis permet de financer le Prix Hippocrène de l’éducation à l’Europe.

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