Sheltered foundations

Since changes in its statutes in November 2009, the Foundation has been a sheltering foundation. This status provides the ability to host a so-called sheltered foundation, which can undertake its own actions, in line with the purpose of the Foundation, under the management of Hippocrene.

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Since January 2011, the Hippocrene Foundation has sheltered the Evens France Foundation, its first sheltered foundation. It has also sheltered the Frateli Foundation since 2012.

Frateli Foundation

The Frateli Foundation, under the aegis of the Hippocrene Foundation, created in 2012, supports the activities undertaken by the Frateli association in favour of equal opportunity, social ties and European openness by:

establishing and monitoring sponsorship programmes for high-potential students from modest backgrounds through the help of young high-level professionals.

providing the supported students with various services in order to assist them on the path to success all throughout their studies: financial and administrative support, training workshops, European relations, cultural outings, meetings with professionals, etc.