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1Village en Europe

It is an educational network offering a dedicated digital path, in the form of a web application, where primary school classes from European Union member states are linked. Together, they build an ideal village inspired by the European model.
For the past 5 years, Par Le Monde has been running “Pelico’s Journey”, a pen-pal program between schoolchildren around the world, which has already benefited nearly 15,000 children. This program makes the web a place of cultural exchange and multiple and mutual learning. The association seeks to deepen its educational, cultural and technological impact through the development of the 1Village mobile application. Neither a social network nor a twinning, 1Village brings together children from different countries, makes them discover the world through the eyes of children of the same age, and makes them (re)discover their own daily life.
In each exchange group, called Village-World, 5 classes from one country and 5 classes from another are mixed together. Together, after having presented their different cultures, they will build their ideal village, an opportunity for them to co-create (anthems, flags) and to question themselves on the civic issues and linked to the SDGs, in order to create a society. During a school year, a class can participate in several World Villages, and can therefore discover several cultures.