Education, Elan

Coexister Europe

In the continuity of the previous support granted in 2018 and 2019 which allowed the organization of European gatherings of Coexistants, the Hippocrene Foundation brings its help to the development and the European actions of Coexister Europe which has drafted a project for 2022 to create the favorable conditions to multiply its impact in Europe: consolidate the organizational model of Coexister Europe and strengthen its communication, in particular through a website, export the educational and pedagogical project of Coexister, which until now has been coordinated in Europe by Coexister France, so that the European national branches can take it up, create a salaried position dedicated to the development of Coexister in Europe, Establish Coexister’s European identity by carrying out a study on the relevance of the Coexister model outside the French national context in order to eventually extend this study to other countries and to write a European plea that will be voted on at the next Coexister conference in June 2021. This advocacy will be used to define development actions in the longer term.