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Promoting Human Rights Values across Europe

A series of focus groups conducted by Human Rights Watch in England in 2017 revealed that people who feel unconcerned about human rights issues become more receptive when issues that are relevant to their own needs and concerns are presented to them. With the support of the Hippocrene Foundation, Human Rights Watch works to increase understanding of human rights issues in Europe and to show that human rights are everyone’s business. Specifically, Human Rights Watch focuses on research questions relevant to large populations, including access to quality health services, education, food, employment, and care for the elderly. The project aims to demonstrate that, far from meeting the needs of ordinary citizens, populist governments undermine their rights. It will document and expose rights violations across Europe, with a particular focus on Hungary and Poland, countries that have proven to be fertile ground for authoritarian populists. New methods of communication will be used to promote hope, rather than simply highlighting violations, for example on women’s rights in Poland. It will also be about inspiring a younger European generation to stand up for human rights and democratic institutions.