BORDERLINE, the Frontiers of Peace

In the wake of this photographic project run between 2006 and 2017, photographer Valerio Vincenzo is organising a travelling exhibition and setting up educational activities on European construction and freedom of movement in Europe. Since the Schengen Agreement came into force in 1995, the borders of much of the European continent have gradually melted away from mentalities and landscapes. It is also something of a revolution if we look at European history in the 19th and 20th centuries, marked by scars, walls and trenches. By doing away with most identity checks and customs facilities, this unified Europe has redefined the concept of national boundaries. Over the last ten years, photographer Valerio Vincenzo has explored 20,000 km of these now blurred demarcation lines. His photographs highlight freedom of movement in Europe and capture what is left of these borders: an atmosphere of peace and beauty. This work is a tribute to a fundamental achievement of European construction, namely, freedom of movement.