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projet 2044

2044 is based on a coalition of young Europeans who want to take control of their future and that of our society. 2044 prepares for what comes after, a long-term vision that will be defined between now, in the very particular context of the post-Covid19 era, and June 6, 2044, the 100th anniversary of D-Day, the Normandy landings, the last major event in which 156,000 young people from 12 different countries mobilized to change the course of history and invent a new future for Europe. 2044 is a project based on two main pillars: listening and debating. A global survey is being circulated in all European countries to map the main issues that European youth want to address. The needs and issues identified by European youth are collected through a digital platform, which is easy to fill in and allows all possible topics to be brought up. These needs will be collected until the end of summer 2020. Virtual debates between young Europeans are organized in parallel on the main topics addressed in the questionnaire. A report will be drafted at the end of the consultation and widely distributed to decision-makers to bring the voice of young people.