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Parlez-vous PAC ?

Support for the project “Parlez-vous PAC ?” (Do you speak CAP?) which aims to provide better information to citizens about the Common Agricultural Policy, mainly by helping to raise its profile among young people through a “challenge” for 15-19 year olds, in the form of a video on “the impact of the CAP in my daily life”, aiming to convey a positive message on the EU’s action by raising citizens’ awareness of the direct day-to-day impact of the CAP (food, environment, employment, etc.). This project is more broadly structured in three parts: the creation of communication tools, made available to all the “Maisons de l’Europe” (snakes and ladders game on the CAP, game on smartphone and tablet, game booklet, exhibition), the challenge for high school pupils for which prizes are given out with the first prize being a trip to Brussels, and finally a debate to promote citizen dialogue that is divided into 12 events spread throughout the territory.