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Fonds du 11 janvier

The Hippocrene Foundation is one of the eight founding members of the Fonds du 11 janvier. 11 January 2015 will be remembered as the biggest mobilisation of French citizens since the Liberation. To turn this momentum into concrete actions of citizenship and social cohesion, the Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations (French Foundation Center) took the initiative of uniting French foundations to create the “Fonds du 11 janvier”. The purpose of this fund is to support initiatives by civil society, in the framework of secularism, in favour of citizenship and respect for others, intercultural dialogue, knowledge of religion, cohesion, solidarity and a harmonious society. The fund will pay particular attention to the formation of young people’s critical thinking and the prevention of violence. It will foster cooperation between players and concrete action in the territories. The Hippocrene Foundation has undertaken to contribute to this fund for 5 years (2015-2019).