Education, Elan

Pax Europa

Support for the “Pax Europa” project led by the association of the same name which is chaired by MEP Alain Lamassoure. Its aim is to establish a ranking of EU countries according to the way history is taught there. Pax Europa must ultimately become a fully fledged observatory for teaching history at the service of Europe-wide peace. With a central criterion: does this approach to teaching serve the cause of peace? Inside the country, in Europe and outside Europe? It is not a question of encouraging a pacifist or irenecist vision of the past. Nor to deny that all peoples need to teach their own history to their children first. But the choice of subjects, facts, characters, periods, references and the way in which conflicts and tragedies of the past are recounted can either revive or calm passions. A scientific committee composed of recognised historians from various European countries creates a rating scale, which will then be sent to advisor teachers from each of the countries in the European Union.