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Festival de l’histoire de l’art 2019 – Les rencontres internationales d’étudiants avancés en histoire de l’art

On the occasion of the Festival of Art History, organised at the Château de Fontainebleau by the Ministry of Culture and the National Institute of Art History, twenty or so French and European students are invited to attend three days of high-level workshops and conferences and to meet professionals from the sector (art historians, researchers, curators, collectors, etc.). In addition, two one-hour workshops offered by the BAIP-HA (office of assistance with professional reintegration in the history of art) under the guidance of Marie-Claire Doumerg-Grellier, tasked with overseeing professional integration at the INHA (National Institute for Art History). These meetings constitute a building block for the construction of a European community of art history, founded on the personal relationships established during the short and intense period of the Festival.