Elan, Pépite

Europe Talks

This project is one part of a larger initiative that was born in 2017 and is called My Country Talks. The idea is to create a true European public sphere. Developed by journalists from the German newspaper Die Zeit, it allows readers of opposing opinions to meet through a platform, which associates them according to their answers to a questionnaire on current topics, to dialogue and debate, and thus create place despite their differences. Europe Talks 2021 takes place between October and December with an expected participation of at least ten European media and their readers to create a transnational dialogue and a continent-wide debate that will address today’s social, political and economic challenges (post-covid recovery, climate change, digital sovereignty, etc.) by shedding light on the diversity of daily realities across Europe. Participants will have the opportunity to meet people they would probably never have met otherwise to exchange across borders in pair discussions. During the period from October to December, participants will have the opportunity to have several conversation partners.