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Urgence Europe, votons !

Purpose of the videos: dissemination by the partner networks of the Civic Pact functioning with young people under 35; inclusion of videos in the common website. This time, I’m and signature shared with Vie Nouvelle, reciprocally for inclusion of the Civic Pact at the event “URGENCE EUROPE; VOTONS” (Europe emergency; let’s vote). Each of the 7 videos offers access to the other ones and is made available according to the same procedure: a presenter outlines the challenges while stressing that this issue can only be addressed by Europe and that the parliament has (or had) initiated a highly positive action to take the matter forward in a way that is favourable to European citizens. This first sequence of 1.30 minutes is followed by an interview with a member of parliament. A video gives a general presentation of the series while describing the stakes, the interests involved, the role of the players (state, commission, lobbies, etc). Inlays of graphics, images and subtitles are provided to illustrate the presentations and interviews; the series ensures gender parity as much as possible.