Bildung, Présence

Written by Laurent Gaudé and directed by Roland Auzet, “Nous l’Europe” is a theatrical creation that will be performed in July 2019 at the “In” Arts Festival in Avignon, for eleven actors and a large choir. This creation speaks about Europe and us all within it, because the European dream needs desires, and will die if it is no more than a dry list of laws, standards and commercial exchange. The European dream needs a sense of belonging. It has inhabitants but it is high time that it had citizens. And to achieve that, it needs a story. This project strives to defend this idea by creating the European story. Not by telling our story from one point of view, but by giving a voice to all Europeans embodied by actors of different nationalities. Too often Europe has been a territory of competition between nations, war and conflict: inheriting this European history is also about showing that it contains an element of utopia. This project seeks to write a lengthy poem about what we want to be.